When Bob Dylan Speaks…

At the tail end of the first “Live Aid” concert over 25 years ago, Bob Dylan mumbled, “maybe they can just take… one or two million, maybe… and use it to pay the mortgages the farmers here owe to the banks.” He was booed lustily.

But a little over a year later I was one of over 100,000 people cheering Bob at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois as he rocked out to “Maggie’s Farm” at the inaugural “Farm Aid” concert.  There have now been 24 “Farm Aid” concerts which have raised untold millions to help US family farmers who, yes indeed, feed the world.

So, amid the boos, some sharp individuals were paying attention when Bob spoke.

What Does This Have to Do With Autoresponders?

In one of our Autoreponder BootCamps, Perry Marshall said that if you really want to vault yourself into the top .05% of email marketers, you should tell your list that you’re going to write an email message every day for 30 days. He didn’t make it a required homework assignment however, and most people just ignored the advice. Not me.

   I don’t know anybody besides you who could’ve written this. It’s just rippin’ good. I wish I’d written this. BRAVO!


– Perry Marshall, President, Perry Marshall & Associates


When Perry Marshall Speaks…

I wrote my list and told them I was writing a series of 30 emails, one-a-day-for-30-days, on rock and roll and email marketing.

It was one of – if not THE – single greatest decision I ever made for my career (and very possibly my personal life as well!)

  • I got to know email marketing better than 95% of the marketers out there

  • I bonded with my list by providing helpful email marketing tips

  • I developed a community with my “hyper responsive readers” and I learned how to sell to them. Strike that. THEY TOLD ME HOW TO SELL TO THEM.

  • And I learned a lot about myself too!

I’m not asking you to write 30 emails in 30 days (yet). I’m just asking you to sign up for the series I wrote and, if you feel so moved, tell me what you think about it and what you learn from it.

But if you do decide to write your own, send it to me. I’ll read it and critique it for you.

No charge.

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John Paul Mendocha
aka Dr. SpeedSelling

John Paul Mendocha aka Dr. SpeedSelling

...totally convinced...
"A big part of improving the conversion rate by more than 10 times compared to the external launch had to do with the quality of the autoresponder series you wrote. I'm totally convinced of the value of your autoresponders."

Eric Jones
Target Centered Golf

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"I work with a LOT of small businesses... online and off... and almost all of them leave money on the table by failing to implement a strategic email follow-up sequence. This is John's specialty. If YOU'RE losing money on the back end, contact John today."

Kim Albee
President, Genoo.com

...extraordinary ability...
"John has an extraordinary ability to get inside my head and, more importantly, to get inside my clients' heads. It's the kind of copy I would write myself... if I was good enough. He clearly puts a lot of work into it - but the annoying thing is, the result makes it look so darn easy!"

Simon Payn
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