99 Questions to Jump Start Your AR Brain

“But John, I Can’t Think of Anything to Write About!”

You know you should be using email autoresponder series to follow up with your customers, website visitors, seminar attendees, and anyone else you have “touched” with your business.

You know the ROI on email marketing dwarfs that of most other marketing methods (it’s free!).

You know you’re leaving money on the table until you can get this part of your business up and running.

You’ve probably got a list of email addresses from people who have agreed to receive email from you… but you haven’t sent them anything yet. They’re just sitting in Aweber or Infusionsoft… waiting. Waiting to give you money.

You may have been through Perry Marshall’s “Autoresponder Bootcamp”, “AR Seminar” or worked through his “Invisible Streams” download.

You know what you SHOULD do.

But, if you’re like a lot of online marketers, when you sit down to work on it, you stare at the blank screen and mutter…

I can’t think of anything to write about.
How am I gonna write a year’s worth of ARs?
My business must not be right for autoresponders.


– Frustrated Marketers


After hearing this from several of Perry’s clients, I decided to pore through his AR Bootcamp, AR Seminar, “Invisible Streams” and a bunch of the emails I’ve received from him over the years and put together…

99 Questions to Jumpstart Your AR Brain

Ideas For Autoresponder Emails - eBook

These are not topics for ARs. They are questions to get your brain moving in the right direction. To get you thinking the way Perry and the other masters of email marketing think.

Because, as Perry preaches, training your brain to “think autoresponder”… to think marketing … is more important than what email service you use, what templates you employ, or even how big your list is.

These questions will train your brain to think like a world-class email marketer.

If after reading through these questions and giving them serious thought, you STILL can’t come up with ideas for at least 12 great ARs for your business… then it really is time to give up. You may be the one person whose business really cannot benefit from a good AR series.

But, don’t give up until you try the 99 questions.

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99 Questions To Jumpstart Your Autoresponder Brain


John Paul Mendocha
aka Dr. SpeedSelling

John Paul Mendocha aka Dr. SpeedSelling

...totally convinced...
"A big part of improving the conversion rate by more than 10 times compared to the external launch had to do with the quality of the autoresponder series you wrote. I'm totally convinced of the value of your autoresponders."

Eric Jones
Target Centered Golf

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"I work with a LOT of small businesses... online and off... and almost all of them leave money on the table by failing to implement a strategic email follow-up sequence. This is John's specialty. If YOU'RE losing money on the back end, contact John today."

Kim Albee
President, Genoo.com

...extraordinary ability...
"John has an extraordinary ability to get inside my head and, more importantly, to get inside my clients' heads. It's the kind of copy I would write myself... if I was good enough. He clearly puts a lot of work into it - but the annoying thing is, the result makes it look so darn easy!"

Simon Payn
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