Email Marketing Tips from the Movies…Free eBook Too

Story is at the heart of powerful marketing…especially email marketing.

And who knows story better than the movie industry?

That’s why I sat down with feature film director and De Paul University screenwriting professor,Joshua Russell, to hear about his “Expert/Victim/Flaw” theory of story telling.

My mind was racing at all the implications for powerful email marketing.  You can listen to the interview HERE

And Josh will send you his eBook Screenwriting for Geniuses and Their Friends when it’s complete…for no charge HERE.

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John Paul Mendocha
aka Dr. SpeedSelling

John Paul Mendocha aka Dr. SpeedSelling

...totally convinced...
"A big part of improving the conversion rate by more than 10 times compared to the external launch had to do with the quality of the autoresponder series you wrote. I'm totally convinced of the value of your autoresponders."

Eric Jones
Target Centered Golf John...
"I work with a LOT of small businesses... online and off... and almost all of them leave money on the table by failing to implement a strategic email follow-up sequence. This is John's specialty. If YOU'RE losing money on the back end, contact John today."

Kim Albee

...extraordinary ability...
"John has an extraordinary ability to get inside my head and, more importantly, to get inside my clients' heads. It's the kind of copy I would write myself... if I was good enough. He clearly puts a lot of work into it - but the annoying thing is, the result makes it look so darn easy!"

Simon Payn
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